About Us

UKFTSH has five trustees, all of whom are volunteers. The Trustees organise fundraising events throughout the year and donations are also made by individuals, community organisations and churches through regular gifts, one-off gifts and trust funds. This enables us to:

  • Pay the salary of 1 Community Health officer (able to diagnose, prescribe and refer), 1 State Registered Nurse and 1 Enrolled nurse
  • Fund the entire drugs budget for TSH
  • Pay for fuel for home visits
  • Provide money for a patient support fund to assist patients with transport to hospital or clinic visits, cost of blood tests/X-rays, nutritional support and home care packs.

The trustees are also involved in :

  • Advocacy, Education and Advice
  • Grant Applications
  • Monitoring of funds
  • Networking with other organisations and individuals interested in Sierra Leone (Please feel free to contact us if this is you!)

Read more about how UKFTSH started.

Download a short presentation on how your money is used. (PDF)

Download a short presentation on the work of the Shepherd's Hospice. (PDF)

Download the report and accounts for 2016/17. (PDF)

UKFTSH Trustees

Jacqueline A BoultonRuth E CecilMichael R HurtonKathryn Ingham Liz Rose PeterStokes Esther