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In early March we received a report from Gabriel Madiye, the Hospice Director, requesting help with an urgent project.

"Water supply has not improved and we rely on fetching water from the water wells in the community. With the reported increase of diarrhoea and vomiting, we have proposed the sinking of a water well on the compound of the hospice.

"A survey done has determined a cost of excavation, construction materials and technical labour at Le 16,500,000. This is equivalent to £2500. An alternative method, using a hydraulic drill machine, was investigated because it is faster. This costs Le25,740,000 or £3900. In this circumstance, we have proposed the labour-intensive and time-consuming option which requires men using tools to dig down to the water-bearing layer and construct a lining in the well to head and provide an apron and install a machine to pump water into overhead tanks.

"If this project is successful, the palliative care centre will have running water after 4 years of drought in the pipes and sinks. Please, I request UK friends to support this project where funds are available. For a health facility reaching out to patients in the community and treating patients sometimes with diarrhoea and vomiting, without running water, is a serious health hazard. This is worse where the community we serve is now suffering from cholera."

Current funds do not give much leeway for supporting extra one-off requests but after discussion at our trustees’ meeting we felt we should launch a special one-off appeal to support the construction of the well which will be dedicated in memory of Sheila Hurton.

Thanks to all who have already donated. Work has started in haste (see pictures) but we are still in need of more funding for the project. If you feel able to donate towards the well, either use the online facility or send a cheque made payable to UKFTSH (Well) at the address below.

9 Tower Gardens, Claygate KT10 9HB

Many thanks.

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Following on from the current work being done in Somaliland, Kings Global Health have been working to formulate a collaborative of Non-Government Health Organisations working in Sierra Leone, known as UKSLHP

Around 120 Representatives from various organisations, including UKFTSH, met together for the inaugural conference in April 2012.  Speakers included the Sierra Leone Commissioner and the DfID representative to Sierra Leone, who presented via Skype from Freetown.  

Questions were asked about the possibility of waiving visa fees and import taxes on drugs sent by the member NGOs and Ruth Cecil (chair of UKFTSH) again raised the issue of shortage of TB medication in a question to the DFiD Representative.  The day included workshops on Health Promotion, Finance and Health, Culture and Behaviour.  

Our very own Jacqui Boulton presented at the latter workshop on her research at The Shepard's Hospice, ongoing developments since and the work of UKFTSH.  We also displayed a poster detailing the same in shortened form, which was viewed by all.  

Finally, the partnership website was launched and ideas for the ongoing work of the group were discussed.  This was a very useful networking opportunity and should be helpful in future

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Catherine Nawangi, Clinical Trainer International Programmes and Dr. Eddie Mwebesa, Specialist Registrar, Hospice Africa Uganda, have returned from a four week training visit to TSH and have kindly shared their observations and recommendations with the trustees of UKFTSH.

Training workshop
Role playing on Communication and Breaking Bad News - part of a training workshop led by Catherine and Eddie.


World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

This was held on Saturday 9th October 2010 as the climax of the Palliative Care Week. This was a unified day of action to celebrate and support Hospice and PC around the world. The theme this year was "Share the Care", reflecting the need and efforts to reach out and build support for the speciality and patients in the wider world. TSH emphasized the building of partnerships with networking agencies, with community organizations and with people who do not yet know about PC. The day was crowned by singing, dancing and testimonies from patients and their families of the relief that Palliative Care at TSH had brought them.

The procession held by TSH with networking partners to celebrate the World Hospice and Palliative Care Day.
Celebrating World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Please click here to see what Mark Doyle, BBC International Development Correspondent, reported about The Shepherd's Hospice on 3 February 2011.

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